Are you dreaming of boring wines?
Neither are we.

Drink Different

Not the Babydoll you have in mind...

Deliciously different.

Seeing things differently inspired us to make a wine for people who see the world differently, by crafting wines that are pure and intense.



Babydoll Wines is shaking up the wine game. Delicious and unique, from New Zealand’s leading grape-growing regions of Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay.

These wines are the epitome of doing things differently. From the Babydoll sheep who run wild in the vineyards to the sustainable practices in the wineries, every aspect of Babydoll Wines is focused on making a positive impact.

The wines themselves are pure, intense, and made with a minimal intervention approach, allowing the vibrant fruit flavors to shine through. And let’s not forget, they’re 100% vegan-friendly, making them perfect for the plant-powered among us.

Babydoll is proud to be Carbon Zero certified, meaning they take their carbon footprint seriously and strive to make small, positive steps towards reducing their impact on the environment. And for those who are looking for a wine that meets international standards for sustainability, Babydoll is also Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified.

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    Cordis - From Proto-Italic *kord, and Ancient Greek καρδίᾱ (kardíā) - meaning: from the heart

    Cordis stands for “of the heart” in Latin. For us, it signifies the heart of the distillation, the best part of the distillate that we keep when throwing everything else away.

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