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Italy's most iconic winery

Gaja. An iconic winery,
unrivaled in quality & reputation

The GAJA winery, located in the picturesque Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, is a name synonymous with excellence in the world of wine. For five generations, the Gaja family has been dedicated to producing original wines that reflect the unique terroir and rich tradition of their region.

Under the guidance of Angelo Gaja, the winery has become a true pioneer in the industry, being the first to produce single vineyard wines in Piedmont and revolutionizing traditional winemaking practices. By introducing Bordeaux varietals and the use of barriques, Gaja has not only elevated the reputation of Barbaresco but also played a key role in bringing Italian wines to the forefront of the international wine scene.

It is no surprise that GAJA wines are widely considered to be among the most coveted and collectible in the world. The winery’s commitment to tradition and excellence serves as a standard for the industry and a legacy that continues to shape the future of winemaking.

"Italy's most fascinating and revolutionary winemaker" - Robert Parker

"We consider each single vineyard as a precious organism; a universe where forms of life coexist. The purpose of our work is to understand, protect, and grow the life enclosed in every vineyard for the exclusive production of our wines."
-Angelo Gaja

The story of Gaja


Gaja has a long history in Piedmont, dating back to the mid-seventeenth century. However, it was in 1859 that the family truly made their mark on the wine world when Giovanni Gaja, a local grape grower, founded the GAJA Winery in Barbaresco. The winery established a tradition of total dedication to uncompromising quality, which they still adhere to today. Angelo Gaja, Giovanni’s son, took the helm of the winery in the early 20th century and continued the legacy of producing Barbarescos that gained recognition throughout Italy.

Giovanni’s grandson, also named Giovanni, continued this legacy by producing Barbarescos, which gained recognition throughout Italy. Thanks to his Barbaresco, the winery’s flagship, Gaja wines achieved a leadership position in Italy. He also increased vineyard holdings, acquiring Sorì Tildìn, Costa Russi, Sorì San Lorenzo, and Darmagi, allowing the Gaja family to produce wines of the highest quality exclusively from their own vineyards.

Angelo Gaja, Giovanni’s son, joined the winery in 1961 and brought a new perspective by combining respect for the traditions of the Langhe with bold innovations in the vineyards and the cellars. He also introduced GAJA wines to foreign markets. Today, Angelo lives in Barbaresco with his wife Lucia and their three children, Gaia, Rossana, and Giovanni, representing the fifth generation of the Gaja family at the winery. 

Gaja's exclusive importer for Greece - Cordis Wines & Spirits

Gaja in Athens

Gaja in Athens

Tasting at Cava Oak

Vivien Gay, Director of International Sales at Duncan Family, presenting the wines 

Gaja in Athens

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