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Triennes - Respecting the environment and the terroir

In 1989, two Burgundians, Jacques Seysses, founder of Domaine Dujac, and Aubert de Villaine, joined by their Parisian friend, Michel Macaux, went in search of new vineyards. Their attention turned to southern France where they were convinced the potential for great wines was enormous. After a long search, they discovered the Domaine du Logis de Nans in the Var, north-east of Marseille. Convinced by their Burgundian experience that the quality of great wines comes from the vineyard, the new owners began by investing heavily in the renewal and tending of the vines. The focus on the vineyard remains a priority to this day.



Triennes is a winery with a story that reads like a wine lover’s fantasy. Two Burgundian heavyweights, Jacques Seysses and Aubert de Villaine teamed up with their Parisian friend, Michel Macaux, to explore the potential for great wines in southern France. And boy, did they find it.

After an extensive search, the trio stumbled upon the Domaine du Logis de Nans in the Var, northeast of Marseille. The new owners knew that great wines start in the vineyard, so they immediately invested heavily in renewing and tending to the vines. Decades later, the vineyard remains a top priority for Triennes.
The winery’s whites and rosés are all about finesse and freshness. Thanks to Triennes’ cool microclimate, these wines have a beautiful acidity that sets them apart. For the reds, the focus is on structure and complexity. Triennes’ winemakers work tirelessly to combine ripe fruit with elegance and finesse, creating wines that are truly exceptional.

The winery is committed to managing its vines as naturally as possible, using cover crops to control vigor, limit erosion, and help assimilate organic material. In 2008, Triennes began its organic conversion with Ecocert, which should lead to certification in the near future. This commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is just one more reason to love Triennes.

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